Community Fund – Information

What is Community Fund and it’s purpose?

The Community Fund is a fully transparent treasury that serves as a reward pool available to all community members who demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the project in a manner they deem valuable.

Valuable contributions can be anything in a wide range of activities, including: development work, building on top existing or MarbleCards infrastructure, organizing community events, marketing, content creation, etc.

If you need some inspiration, you can always check some of the previous months contributions in the Community Fund rewards sheet.

You have a contribution idea, what’s next?

Depending on the type of contribution, you can at all times if needed, reach out to one of the community managers on our discord server and co-ordinate with them for event channel creations, setting up votes and similar.

If the contribution doesn’t demand team assistance, simply go for it and share your work.

Claiming your reward.

Rewards are paid out via invoicing platform, Request Finance.

If you are claiming a reward for the first time, kindly contact flashmob96#4722 on our discord server to obtain the invoice information. We keep this information out of public, and is shared only directly to contributors to avoid possible invoice spam by scammers.

Important: We do ask for full name and address when processing payment of invoices. This information isn’t shared anywhere and is kept safe, however we are legally required to know who is the recipient of funds.

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