• Artist Highlight: Darkened_m00d

    Artist Highlight: Darkened_m00d

    Gather ‘round kids, it’s about to get dark in meme land and the fog is starting to circle around us so brace each other… we got Darkened_m00d in the house! An artist that shares a side in CryptoArt seldom explored and does an amazing job at it. With great pieces that make insane cards, he…

  • Artist Highlight: CFW

    Artist Highlight: CFW

    I knew of CFW before I knew it was CFW. There’s a specific visual charm and fidelity to the art, which makes it easy to see why people are drawn to and fall in love with it. CFW created one of my favorite Fang Gang Goodies pieces, this was my first introduction to their work…

  • Community Highlights #3

    Community Highlights #3

    40,000 $MEM has been rewarded to DAO contributors over the last month. Here are some of the coolest contributions and efforts by community during June. Royal Contest by ArchL 🤴🏻 During the Royal event by Archie, we’ve seen a royalty themed Marble Cards arena, Royal Family deck contest and the best newly minted Royal Card.…

  • The Hunt for Memetic Treasure – Genesis

    The Hunt for Memetic Treasure – Genesis

    The first frame of the memetic onchain treasure.

  • What is Meme Explorers?

    What is Meme Explorers?

    We are the home to meme connoisseurs, marblers and The WIP fam. A community where NFTs and crypto are mainly about the culture, art and friends we make along the way.There are three main attractions that make our fun and wacky family 👇 A place to discover and play with NFT trends. Submit, categorize and…

  • Community Highlights #2

    Community Highlights #2

    It is great to see continuous efforts and initiatives by community members to further elevate the meme explorer story! Thank you for all your great contributions during the last month and keep rocking in the future! 40,000 $MEM has been rewarded to DAO contributors over the last month. Here are some of the coolest contributions…

  • Artist Highlight: Vector Meldrew

    Artist Highlight: Vector Meldrew

    Vector Meldrew is a fascinating artist to say the least… they walked away from the traditional world of professional snobbery and music thieves to create their own form of comedic art commentary, VJ at live events around the world and join a cult while still creating content for those visually hungry but with their distinct…

  • Community Highlights

    Community Highlights

    As we continue our commitment to supporting a healthy and thriving Meme Explorer experience we thought it’s a good opportunity to go over some of the latest highlights in the community. The launch of MemeDAO has been a success so far and marks a next step in an on-going efforts both by the team and…

  • Verified Artist Editions are here!

    Verified Artist Editions are here!

    We’ve had many great card designs made by both the team and artists for special occasions over the years. It could be things like hitting card creation milestones, collaborations or special artist editions that are treasured and loved by the community. They always have a special place in our voting arenas and folks love to…

  • What is Meme.com

    What is Meme.com

    Meme markets, Marble cards and the Memetic multiverse. And a vision of to index all on-chain assets and link them to different memes/trends. Why is this relevant and what is really meme.com?