• Community Fund – May Rewards

    Community Fund – May Rewards

    29 000 MEM has been awarded for community contributions during May. Rewards can additionally be seen within the Community Contributions sheet, along with the incentives allocated for all the preceding months. If you are interested in actively contributing or you’re claiming your reward for the first time, head to this article with all the helpful…

  • Community Fund – Information

    Community Fund – Information

    What is Community Fund and it’s purpose? The Community Fund is a fully transparent treasury that serves as a reward pool available to all community members who demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the project in a manner they deem valuable. Valuable contributions can be anything in a wide range of activities, including: development work,…

  • Community Highlights – March

    Community Highlights – March

    As we wrap up the month of March, we want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the incredible project involvement and self-initiatives by our community members. 24 500 MEM has been awarded for contributions during March. Spring Equinox by emiterrier.On the first day of spring, emiterrier organized a special event that invited members…

  • Community Highlights February

    Community Highlights February

    56 500 MEM has been awarded to the contributors during February, one of the largest reward pools so far. The largest reward went to Patzo, for organizing and following through the collaboration and event together with the Broadside, a next-gen gamified storyworld. Every holder of Broadside had the chance to get the MarbleCards of the…

  • Verifiedopaliscious


    With our Verified initiative quickly becoming one of Marble Cards favorite additions of the community, we also wanted to highlight a few additional ways in which creatives and project owners can benefit as well. Creatives can now set their own signatures prices in MEM, earn 20% of the secondary sales on our site and it…

  • Community Highlights – November

    Community Highlights – November

    This month has been quite enjoyable, with many great efforts and initiatives by the community. 31,500 MEM has been awarded for contributions during November.  Here are some of the most notable community moments: Patzo has shown relentless enthusiasm in promoting meme.com and MarbleCards and it’s message. He, together with Mr.Reier, has taken the initiative to…

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